Begin this year I was guest at the podcast of Mo Gawdat, and he asked me: “Why Sofie? Why so much effort in the work you do?”

It’s such a good question. I love good questions if you know me. 😉

Yes, why? Why did I put so much effort into my company, and why am I still doing it? EVERY DAY!
I could easily find a job and have a stable and comfortable life; however, I didn’t.

At that moment I couldn’t answer his question, because it was so natural to me, and that’s why I did it.

But still, why!? In the past half year, I was looking for answers to this question. And recently I find it.

It’s because I have this dream which I didn’t realize for a long time. It was already there for many, many years.

When I was four years old, I learned that it was not good enough to be myself at school. So I decided to hide, become someone else, and please others so that they would like me.

It brought me far, far away, like where I am now. I am grateful for that. However, I knew that I wasn’t truly happy because I wasn’t myself most of the time until I found myself back and dared to stand for who I am and show up powerfully.

Why was I putting so much effort into happiness at work and everything I’ve done until today? Because I have this dream to create a world, together with other like-minded leaders, where everyone can stay true to who they are and do things that make them flourish. That’s the definition of happiness to me.

Where are you putting much effort into it?
What’s your dream?

PS: are you a also dreamer? Or let’s call it a visionary? Then we should talk. I’m going to make a new podcast series about big dreams. Why? Because I believe in dreams, especially big dreams. It’s where the magic starts.
Do you also dream big and want to be a guest in my podcast to share your dreams with this world? Please send me a message. Let’s connect to see if we are a match.

PPS: want to listen to me as a guest at SloMo? Here you are:

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