I do this challenge every year: 30 days 100 deep coaching conversations challenge.
Last year there was a lot of fun and learnings. And I’ve got connected with lots of like-minded people, my people.

You might ask: why? It takes me so much time, and I have to put so much effort into it. And it’s free.

You are right.
However, it’s my way to contribute to my purpose and mission.
It’s my way to serve people, to help people.
It’s my way to build my coaching & consulting practice by invitation and referral only.

The intention is so crucial in this challenge, and it is to help.

I don’t know if you recognize it. So many times, I get messages on LinkedIn or Facebook from business owners who want to sell their products or service to me.
Often they start with “How are you?” and at that moment, I already sense what they want from me.
There’s no sincere connection, curiosity, or pure willingness to help.
Instead, I sense the attachment of selling and earning money.

There’s nothing wrong with earning money.
I also love money which gives me freedom, options and with money I can make even more impact.
However, money is not the goal. It’s the result or effect of helping people genuinely without any hidden agenda.
It’s about helping people first.
This is how I work, serve people so powerfully that they never forget this conversation for the rest of their life.
I learned this from one of my coaches Rich Litvin.
And now I am using it every day.

Like Simon Sinek once said: it feels good to help people. So get out there and feel good.

So why this challenge? To help and serve.
This is my intention, and I’m not attached to it.
Because I believe that life will give me what belongs to me if I stay true to who I am and take actions close to myself.

Do you have a challenge in your life and/or business, are you committed to working on it, and are you not afraid of looking at yourself in the mirror honestly? Then I invite you to have a deep conversation with me.

Send me a message: sofie@soundandsolid.com or +31-641361113 (WhatsApp).
See you soon!

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