I find something interesting, and it happened over and over again.

When people are curious about my experience as an entrepreneur and would like to have a call with me, I always ask first: when will you find our call valuable?

The answer sounds almost always like this: I’d like to hear about HOW you’ve done this or that, HOW I can build a website which attracts clients, HOW I can get more clients…

The questions are always about HOW.

However, how is never the challenge. In fact, how is a mindf*ck. It holds us back from taking action and doing things we really, really want.

What are these how’s? It’s about processes, the steps you will take, and the solution for whatever you want.

The real challenge is to find the solution to what you really want. I see it so often that what we truly want is not what we thought we wanted. YES! Read it again.

You have to be 100% honest to yourself to find out WHAT you genuinely want and WHY you want that so much.

If your what and why is not the real what and why, even if you have thousands of how and are working 24/7, it’s still meaningless because your how doesn’t match your why and what.

So forget about your how; start with what and why. And thank me later.

PS: want to find out what you truly want and why you want that so much, don’t hesitate to send a message to me. I’d love to help.

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