Fearless Transition

My clients often have this thought: who am I to do this?
Although they are already super successful, they’ve achieved many great things; sometimes, they still have doubts.

I recognize this.
Do you?

One of the syndromes of high-achievers is imposter syndrome.
Suddenly they begin to doubt themselves and forget all their achievements.
They feel the fear: what if…
You can fulfill this by yourself.

Yesterday I was in a zoom call with a group of leaders.
When the coach asked: what’s your biggest fear?
I saw the answers in the chat.
I was so surprised.

I am not the only one.
You are not the only one,
who is having these kinds of thoughts, doubts, and fear.

It’s called human being.
Especially when you have a huge dream or a significant mission.

There are three myths in the world:
Birds and the sky
Fishes and the water
Human beings and their thoughts

Even you are successful,
Even you’ve achieved a lot,
There’s still one thing you can’t see with all clarity you want: it’s your thoughts.

Are you a high-achiever?
Do you have a huge dream?
And you don’t want your thoughts to hold you back anymore?
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