Thank you for being interested in me and my work. Enjoy!

My name is Sofie Sun, and I help visionary leaders & small business owners with a fast-growing business to create a company culture that highly engages employees and attracts culture-fit talents.
I love my clients. They are fascinating people and their business is successful.
Since you are here, you might be one of them.
However, they come to me because they all have one big challenge.👇

Do you recognize this?
You have a fast-growing business; at the same time, the employee turnover keeps growing too.
You find it challenging to retain your top talents.

You spent tons of time, energy, and budget to fix it.
You also hired trainers, coaches, and consultants.
However, nothing helped.
It frustrates you the whole time.
You are tired of spending so much time and money and still seeing your top talents leave you.

I get you. I see this happens all the time with my clients before we start to work together.
The key to this challenge is to create a company culture that highly engages your employees and attracts culture-fit talents.

Are you thinking: NO! Not another culture change project!

Well, this one is different.
The pitfalls of this kind of culture change project are:
❌ It takes much time.
❌ The process is complicated.
❌ It’s not cost-efficient.
❌ It’s not sustainable.
❌ You will get much resistance, especially at the beginning.

I’ve helped my clients lower turnover and recruitment costs and create a high employee engagement with TWO simple systems and ONE framework.

✔Not like most consultants and coaches, I like simplicity and efficiency. My approach is simple but efficient so that you don’t need to read detailed reports or have studied change management.

✔It’s sustainable. How often have you started with a change project which worked for a few months and then totally disappeared? It’s all wasted money, time, and energy. With my approach, the changes stay within the organization.

✔With shared responsibilities and a clear communication plan, the changes will be adopted much more efficiently within your organization with as little resistance as possible.

✔Last but not least, it’s low cost. I check current recourses and use them as much as possible, so you don’t need to use extra time and budget to create new alternatives.

🔥The most important part: this approach has been tested over and over again. Every time it works.

The whole approach with ONE straightforward framework and TWO systems help you create a company culture that significantly lowers your turnover and recruitment cost, and you get highly engaged (new) employees who are loyal to your company because of the perfect culture fit.

If you want to hear how my approach could work for your business, let’s talk.

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