“As Chief Happiness Officer at ABN Amro, Sofie created this experience with all her energy and enthusiasm that happiness at work is much more than undertaking fun activities with colleagues. True happiness at work comes from empathy, appreciation, and connection with ourselves and with each other.
I notice a big difference with the period before Sofie started as Chief Happiness Officer at ABN Amro. There is not only more space to join fun activities, but more importantly: we have more attention for and connection with each other.”
– Jasper Scheffel, UX lead ABN Amro

“My job at ABN Amro was already fun before Sofie came: the department was pleasant, working conditions were good. However, Sofie has turned an 8 to 10! Knowledge sessions, visiting other companies for our inspirations, yoga, mindfulness, and lots of fun! Sofies’ enthusiasm and drive are contagious and have contributed enormously to my happiness at work.”
– Linda Verkooij, Senior Online Copywriter ABN Amro

“Sofie has an unprecedented drive and perseverance, which I have experienced at the Happy People program during our joint period at ABN AMRO. I saw that large groups of colleagues were so enthusiastic about joining Sofies’ program. It was amazing. In this way, happiness at work became a topic and theme of importance.”
– Jan Willem Franken, Creative Strategist & Facilitator

“Sofie is the founder of the Happy People program (happiness at work) within ABN AMRO. Whereas a company typically needs a whole team to set up such a program, Sofie nailed it.Where necessary, she asked for help from colleagues. The program is diverse, accessible, and playful.
Sofie’s strength is creating connections with others. She gets people moving based on their intrinsic motivation. She steadily built one of the most invisible and distinctive programs within the bank. It increased my knowledge and network. And working with my colleagues is fun.”
– Anne-Marie Marree, Digital Expert ABN Amro

“By looking back I believe you’ve pushed through and got things moving in the right direction. Thank you so much.”
– Former Chief Digital Officer ABN Amro

“This is the best session I’ve attended in my life.”
– Director of an IT company

Results of Happy People Program at ABN Amro, where I helped a department with more than 1000 employees create more engagement and happiness at work:

  • Do you know that the goal of Happy People is to create more connections and happiness at work? YES: 91%
  • How much do you appreciate that Happy People pay full attention to your happiness at work? 8,02
  • Do you see the value if Happy People keep on going in 2020? YES: 92%
  • Does Happy People make you happier at work? YES: 74%
  • How happy are you at work? 7,63

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